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About Us

-Our mission is to promote emotional wellness for people of color dealing with emotional trauma due to the loss of a loved one -
-through education, resources, and activities for families and individuals.-

Shades of Orange Inc. was established as a Domestic Nonprofit Corporation on December 22, 2022 to provide emotional support services to communities that are experiencing emotional trauma and do not have access to mental health resources to deal with it. Americans of all nationalities lost loved ones due to COVID-19. Some communities experience turmoil of racial tension, social injustice, and unemployment or underemployment coupled with high inflation. Car accidents, domestic violence, and divorce or separation are also sources of emotional trauma.

The founders of Shades of Orange Inc. saw a need in communities of color and created this organization as a boots-on-the-ground organization providing resources and activities to educate and mediate the effects that emotional trauma has on individuals, families, and the community.   

Come Together

Message  from Our Founder

Coming from a large family can sometimes feel like a blessing and a curse. We are blessed to have so much love, support and genuine concern for one’s wellbeing. However, when you have a lot, you lose a lot. Uncles, aunts, parents, grandparents, siblings and unfortunately, children. We come to know the pain of losing someone we love so dearly that only God can sustain us. Shades of Orange Inc. was born out of a desire to serve my family and community as we recover from the trauma of losing my daughter, Domanique Moore in May 2022. Her favorite color was orange. 

Personal trauma is exploited on the local news every day desensitizing our minds to the pain the individuals are suffering. Our world is hurting. Let me reassure you that the pain is real. So many are deeply impacted by violence, death, divorce, and or isolation and don’t get much needed emotional support. In some communities it is considered taboo to admit your pain or struggles. It is viewed as a sign of weakness. I want to provide education and resources to people of color in communities that often go overlooked and underserved, letting people know that it is okay to not be okay and to get support when needed.

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